DescriptionBT Item CodeTatra Part No.Std Pack Qty
Adaptor 37A71843FBT021120
Alpha Green/Red Magnetic Flag236938TBT0601 
Bend Duct 56B95002FBT031150
Bin Storage 4211539TBT0391 
Bin Storage 6211541TBT0401 
Bin Storage 9211544TBT0411 
Bin Storage 12211564TBT0421 
Bin Storage 13211626TBT0431 
Bin Storage 14236225TBT0591 
Block Insert 1A72101ABT0991500
Block Insert 2A72102ABT1001400
Block Terminal 35A432098ABT1011 
Block Terminal 35A432097ABT1013 
Block Terminal 36B430304ABT1021 
Block Terminal 41A71826ABT104110
Block Terminal 52A434144ABT1031 
Block Terminal 66B72256ABT036120
Block Terminal 71A72125ABT013110
Box 4440192FBT0661 
Box CN1379472222FBT033120
Box Connection 18A74855ABT145110
Box Connection 19A075170ÊABT1550Ê10Ê
Bracket CN1050071816ABT1521 
Bracket CN1405172730FBT010150
Bracket CN1407173000FBT011150
Bracket CN1408973001FBT012150
Bracket Joint Box Plastic72255ABT121120
Bush Trunking No.171846ABT011120
Cap Cable Riser No.170338FBT0291 
Cap Cable Riser No.270339FBT0301 
Capping 2572180FBT013150
Cap Pole 1A16277TBT058110
Cap Sealing 16A72040TBT0051 
Cap Sealing 16B72041TBT0061 
Cap Sealing 16C72042TBT0071 
Cap Sealing 16D72043TBT0081 
Cap Sealing 16E72044TBT0091 
Cap Sealing 16F72045TBT0101 
Charge PE 1A72011FBT0621 
Closure Stud Transit Box – Yellow236872TBT0613 
Closure Stud Transit Box – Red236873TBT0614 
Closure Stud Transit Box – Blue236874TBT0615 
Collar Duct 56A93989FTE0491 
Collar Gland Caulking 290911FBT0221100
Collar Gland Caulking 390912FBT0231100
Collar Gland Caulking 490913FBT0241100
Collar Gland Caulking 593978FBT0251100
Collar PE 171607FBT0551 
Collar PE 371608FBT0561 
Collar PE 471609FBT0571 
Collar PE 21 FBT0581 
Collar PE 2270436FBT0591 
Collar PE 2371701FBT0601 
Compound 16A72136CRN002 
Compound 2171821CRN003 
Connector Bend 495096FBT032120
Cover 80A334600FBT0041 
Cover 98A816532ABT0731 
Cover 101A71987ABT0071120
Cover 131B334958TBT0551 
Cover 169A334962TBT0561 
Cover Block Terminal 4271807TBT0541 
Cover Plate 3/0A437049ABT0411 
Cover Security452049  
Cover Slide – BT4172790FBT014110
Cover Slide – BT41A72287ABT105125
Cradle 1/DCR/5 Black451529FBT0631 
Cradle 1/DCR/5 Red451554  
Desiccant Pack No.171610CDS001 
Desiccant Pack No.372988CDS003 
Disc Caulking No.191445FBT0161500
Disc Caulking No.294988FBT0151500
Disc Caulking No.394949FBT0171500
Disc Caulking No.495048FBT0051500
Disc Injection Welding 1A72147FBT0451 
Discs Pipe 194940ABT0761 
Discs Pipe 294941ABT0771 
Door Pole Universal16327FBT034110
Duct 54D Split95039FTE00513
Duct 56 Split95086FTE00613
Duct 57 Split95087FTE00713
Duct 59A Split95088FTE00813
Duct Connecting 54D/5695049FBT070120
Duct Connecting 54D/7095100FBT047120
Duct Connecting 54D/Universal Centre94986FBT0201 
Duct Connecting 54D/Universal End94985FBT0061 
Duct Connecting 56/32mm95003FBT0281 
Duct Connecting 56/10295032FBT0711 
Duct Repair Kit 2A95089ABT006112
Duct Repair Kit 3A95051ABT005118
Duct Repair Kit 4A95090ABT004117
Duct Tee 54/5694976FBT007110
Duct Tee 56/5695004FBT026150
Duct Seals PVC   
Earpiece No. 26A430929FBT0510 
Earpiece No. 26B FBT0520 
Equipment Tep-1E Mounting D81860816941ABT002120
Equipment 62 Type Part   
Dummy 4/D 67411816905  
Dummy 5/D 67411815632  
Dummy 8/D 67411815633FBT0191 
Dummy 9/D 67411816724  
Dummy 10/D 67411815634  
Dummy 11/D 67411816906  
Dummy 12/D 67411815635FBT0181 
Dummy 16/D 67411816888  
Dummy 23/D 67411816544  
Dummy 24/D 67411815898  
Dummy 28/D 67411815636  
Extractor 30131203  
Gland Caulking 294922ABT010120
Gland Caulking 395047FBT074150
Gland Caulking 4 ABT03906
Grating Sump 2A94956FBT002125
Insert No. 171847ABT0791 
Insert No. 271848ABT0781 
Insert No. 372083FBT0091 
Kit Joint Closure 12A73162ABT06111
Kit 301A72039TBT0211 
Kit 597A73076TBT0221 
Kit 720A211625TBT0441 
Kit 904C818501WBT1021 
Label Pole D12701TBT0451 
Label 558C16331TBT0571 
Letter Pole Plastic A12720ABT0421100
Letter Pole Plastic B12721ABT0431100
Letter Pole Plastic C12722ABT0441100
Letter Pole Plastic D12723ABT0451100
Letter Pole Plastic E12724ABT0461100
Letter Pole Plastic J12725ABT0471100
Letter Pole Plastic L12733ABT0481100
Letter Pole Plastic M12734ABT0491100
Letter Pole Plastic S12727ABT0501100
Letter Pole Plastic T106287ABT0511100
Line Terminating Unit Case 300A817770ABT001020
Line Terminating Unit Case 320A ABT001220
Marker Cable 170807TBT0531 
Marker Cable 271986FTE0101 
Mounting Block Terminal 1A73025FBT001125
Mounting Block Terminal 2A73139FBT039125
Mouthpiece No. 21A432483FBT0530 
Mouthpiece No. 21B FBT0540 
Number Pole Plastic 013309ABT0521100
Number Pole Plastic 113310ABT0531100
Number Pole Plastic 213311ABT0541100
Number Pole Plastic 313312ABT0551100
Number Pole Plastic 413313ABT0561100
Number Pole Plastic 513314ABT0571100
Number Pole Plastic 613315ABT0581100
Number Pole Plastic 713316ABT0591100
Number Pole Plastic 813317ABT0601100
Peg 16 Green432548FBT0650 
Peg 16 Orange432549FBT0651 
Peg 16 Red432551FBT0652 
Pin Bridging 2 White70856ABT0091 
Pin Bridging 4 Yellow70857ABT0081 
Pin Fixing Plastic72099FBT0271 
Plate Finger451743FBT0431 
Plug Duct 1A94987TBT002110
Plug Duct 4B95105ABT11114
Plug Duct 4C95106ABT11214
Plug Dummy 16B706164  
Protector 25A315524CMS178 
Resin Pack 9A72211CRN005 
Ring IR 1793979CSL005 
Sleeve 30A72123ABT012120
Sleeve 30A Base73147WBT0210 
Sleeve 30A Clamp73011WBT1400 
Sleeve 30A Gasket73012CSL001 
Sleeve 30D73002ABT091120
Sleeve 30P75142TBT03611
Sleeve 31 Branch Clip72604ABT0941 
Sleeve 31A71823ABT014110
Sleeve 31A Base71914WBT0300 
Sleeve 31A Clamp71915WBT0280 
Sleeve 31A Gasket71916CSL002 
Sleeve 31B72532ABT062110
Sleeve 31B Base72602CMD003 
Sleeve 31C72533ABT063110
Sleeve 31C Base72603CMD004 
Sleeve 31P75143TBT03711
Sleeve 32B72223ABT01518
Sleeve 32B Base73143WBT0360 
Sleeve 32B Clamp73146WBT1440 
Sleeve 32B Gasket73145CSL003 
Sleeve 32K73064ABT09218
Sleeve 32P75144TBT03811
Sleeve Drop Wire Protection 1A16328  
Sleeve PE Jointing 2A72157TBT0111 
Sleeve PE Jointing 4A72158TBT0121 
Sleeve PE Jointing 5A72159TBT0131 
Sleeve PE Jointing 6A72160TBT0151 
Sleeve PE Jointing 11A72161TBT0141 
Sleeve PE Jointing 16A72162TBT0161 
Sleeve PE No. 4171694FBT0671 
Sleeve Rubber 8181198TBT0171 
Sleeve Rubber 8281199TBT0181 
Sleeve Rubber 8381200TBT0191 
Sleeve Rubber 8481201TBT0201 
Sleeving 12 – 12/12mm ID71854FTE011110
Sleeving 12 – 12/15mm ID71855FTE012120
Sleeving 12 – 12/22mm ID71931FTE013120
Sleeving 13/10271980FTE0501 
Sleeving 13/15271981FTE0511 
Sleeving 13/20371982  
Spacer Duct 294923FBT0081100
Spacer Duct 394970FTE0321 
Stay Guard 2A16321TBT0351 
Strap Cable Fixing 10A Blk72422WBT09208
Strip Connexion 97311843ABT0321 
Strip Connexion 106311852ABT0741 
Strip Connexion 120311863ABT0331 
Strip Connexion 121311864ABT0341 
Strip Connexion 121A311864ABT0351 
Strip Connexion 121B311866  
Strip Connexion 127J311872ABT0901 
Strip Connexion 170/4A311893ABT0161 
Strip Connexion 170/6A311895ABT0171 
Strip Connexion 170/8A311897ABT0181 
Strip Connexion 170/10A313637ABT0191 
Strip Connexion 171/4A313516ABT0201 
Strip Connexion 171/6A311903ABT0221 
Strip Connexion 171/8A311904ABT0241 
Strip Connexion 171/8B314095ABT0261 
Strip Connexion 171/10A313831ABT0271 
Strip Connexion 171/12A313933ABT0291 
Strip Connexion 172/10A313567ABT0801 
Strip Cross Connexion 171762ABT037120
Strip Duct 54D94979FTE0331 
Tray Optical Fibre 7B73181ABT147110
Tray Optical Fibre 8A73148ABT153110
Tray Optical Fibre 8B73193ABT148110
Tray Optical Fibre 9A ABT150110
Troughing 22A95031  
Trunking 5B72323FTE0091 
Trunking Coiled 14A532112TBT0231 
Trunking Coiled 14A Coupler532115TBT0241 
Trunking Coiled 14A Tee532118TBT0251 
Trunking Coiled 14A 90 Bend Flat532121TBT0261 
Trunking Coiled 14B532113TBT0271 
Trunking Coiled 14B Coupler532116TBT0281 
Trunking Coiled 14B Tee532119TBT0291 
Trunking Coiled 14B 90 Bend Flat532122TBT0301 
Trunking Coiled 14C532114TBT0311 
Trunking Coiled 14C Coupler532117TBT0321 
Trunking Coiled 14C Tee532120TBT0331 
Trunking Coiled 14C 90 Bend Flat532123TBT0341 
Tubing Flexible 16mm72221TBT0521 
Tubing Flexible 20mm71792TBT0481 
Tubing Flexible 30mm71757TBT0461 
Tubing Flexible 40mm71758TBT0471 
Tubing Flexible 50mm72092TBT0491 
Tubing Flexible 60mm72093TBT0501 
Tubing Flexible 70mm72139TBT0511 
Tubing Heat Shrinkable 28-6mm73046CEX003 
Tubing Heat Shrinkable 41-12mm73047CEX004 
Tubing Heat Shrinkable 70-23mm73048CEX005 
Wedge Locking 21A Yellow334818ABT0961


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