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Tatra Rotalac Are A Part of Coral Products PLC

Tatra Rotalac Ltd are a part of coral products PLC

Tatra Rotalac Ltd,  Global One-Pak Ltd, Film & Foil Solutions Ltd, Alma Products Ltd Manplas Ltd, Ecodeck Ltd and Ecodeck Recycled Plastics SLu are part of the Coral Products PLC Group. In May 2023 Customised Packaging merged into Manplas Ltd, but continues to trade as Customised Packaging.

Coral Products PLC is proud to have a focus on sustainability, our manufacturing subsidiaries are taking steps in providing a circular strategy for you and your product. As a Group Coral Products PLC have found that transparency is an unstoppable force. Each manages and uses plastic in a different way, to suit their circular economic steps to a 360 business strategy. 

together we can offer...

The Group has an abundance of manufacturing technologies allowing us to help you from design and development, through to packaging your plastic product perfectly. Through its subsidiary companies, the group offers a range of specialised plastic products and services to a wide range of customers across a diverse array of industries.

We have an excellent reputation for delivering quality products worldwide and within the UK. We are an innovative Group that can assist with all your plastic manufacturing needs. Got a plastic project you want to start? Contact us today!


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