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building & construction

The Building and Construction sector is the second largest plastic application after Packaging.

Although plastics are not always visible in buildings, the building and construction industry uses them for a broad and growing range of applications including piping, insulation, window frames and interior design. This growth is mainly due to plastics’ unique features, which include durability and resistance to corrosion, cost efficiency, minimum operation and maintenance, hygiene, sustainability and innovation.

Here are some examples of the products we supply to the Building and Construction sector:

  • Plastic pipes
  • Plastic tubes
  • Plastic jointing s trips
  • Plastic rails
  • Plastic conduits
  • Plastic trunking
  • Plastic shrouds
  • Plastic fascias
  • Plastic trims
  • Plastic capping
  • Plastic jointing strips
  • Plastic beading
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